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Texture Clay (2 oz) Buy One Get One Free Quick shop
GNTLMNS Shampoo (8oz) Buy one get one free Quick shop
Caputos Hair Salty Mist Hair Texture Spray Quick shop
Caputos Hair Lockdown Strong Hold Hair Spray Quick shop
Caputos Hair Invigorate Minty Shampoo Quick shop
Caputos Hair No H2o Dry Shampoo Quick shop
Caputos Hair Invigorate Minty Conditioner Quick shop
Caputos Hair Flex Hairspray Medium Hold Quick shop
Caputos Hair Travel Sized Salty Mist Spray Quick shop


The sea salt spray is the best texturizer I’ve found. It’s natural, leaves my hair in great shape and I like how I use it to change up my look. I took it to my stylist!

Hank HLA

I really like Caputo’s shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo’s mint additive opens up the pores on your scalp and the conditioner leaves hair so soft and fluffy.

Shanna M

I have a ‘cowlick’ where a part of my hair grows up. Drives me crazy. LOCKDOWN does what it says – it’s the only product that actually forces that bunch of hair to behave!

Joseph PNYC